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Great Experience, first of its kind with online group work which helps to acquire new skills and experience - friendship bonds, patience and resilience, identifying strengths and weaknesses in individuals and many more!

  • Shobha Sanker
  • Renaissance College, HK

It was truly an experience to remember, allowing team members and individuals to acquire versatile skills and competition experience while forming friendships and identifying each person's strengths along the way.

  • WMC Junior Remote '20 participants
  • Renaissance College, HK

What an unbelievable experience, easily the best competition I have ever been a part of and I would do every thing possible to enter again! I really liked the diversity of each round, every one challenging in different ways. The mentors are super fun and other participants really cool too, like a family! The University of Melbourne and Australia is also very nice. I have no words good enough to describe the feelings and memories.

  • Victor Iliev
  • WMC Junior Finalist 2019

I am still in contact with other participants I met during this amazing competition. So much excitement, so many smart people with similar interests and talents. I gained new knowledge, friendships, better English skills, self-esteem, analytical thinking and I realised how interesting and helpful math is. Winning a gold medal, the best feeling in the world!

  • David Yordanov
  • WMC Junior Finalist 2019

Twelve competitions in one event and each of them is unique with its very own emotion - AMAZING experience for my mathematical soul and mind! I am also still in contact with many other participants from different countries and cultures because during the Finals we also played alot of games, jokes, sightseeing, sports, music and had positive laughter, all perfectly organized.

  • Petar Uzunov
  • WMC Junior Finalist 2019

Never underestimate a nerd's ability to run when there are 'math medals' on the line!

  • Jasmine
  • British School Jakarta

The WMC rounds provide a challenge in the best way possible - alongside fun. Mathematical skills of creativity, knowledge, application and rigor are tested in unique ways that are simultaneously difficult and enjoyable.

  • Aaryan
  • British School Jakarta

Thanks on behalf of the BISP students - they had a great time, and the event ran really smoothly. It must have been an immense amount of work, so thank you all for your hard work over the past few months putting this together.

  • Andrew Chambers
  • BIS Phuket

The level of mathematics is very challenging and sometimes touches on topics not normally found in a high school curriculum. By participating in this event, our school’s “mathletes” had a chance to meet, compete and build friendships with other talented math students from around the region. There is no doubt our mathematical horizons have been expanded and we came away much the richer for this experience.

  • John Whalley
  • Brent IS Manila

Having a genuine love and passion for mathematics is all it takes to truly enjoy this competition. Even if you’re not the greatest mathematician out there, it’s an experience that really pushes the extent of your academic knowledge. It opens your mind to a whole new world and allows you to meet incredible, likeminded people along the way too!

  • Owen
  • British School Jakarta



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