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The World Computing Championships®

We believe summative assessment should be inclusive and a demonstration of depth-in-learning, rather than focusing on elitism and superficial statistics like algorithm speed. For this reason, the World Computing Championships® group students who have been exposed to similar levels of programming and are excited to develop their competitive programming skills.

The WCC® consists of FOUR CONTESTS every season. Each contest is held online over a single weekend. Some rounds are synchronous (live timings) and some are asynchronous (participants can complete these rounds at their convenience over the weekend). In addition, we also have TWO LEVELS of entry - Junior and Senior.

Round timings are accessed here!

Level Junior Senior
Age 13-16 16-19
Contest 1 2-5 October 2020 N/A 2020
Contest 2 December 2020 N/A 2020
Contest 3 February 2021 N/A 2021
Contest 4 April 2021 N/A 2021

This WCC® Junior level Contest 2 will be held online over the weekend of 11th - 13th December 2020 and is asynchronous (participants can complete each round at their convenience over the weekend).
We're offering a special introductory price - SGD 5 per student (50% off). Payment is made through the secure online gateway, Stripe.
Note: for now, this is being offered at ONLY JUNIOR LEVEL.


While this may change in the future, as of now students cannot register for competitions themselves. Registration and payments are only possible through a parent or teacher account.

Once parents / teachers have completed all the necessary steps, student login details need to be passed on to the student.

Each registration can include any number of students, but a parent/teacher account can only apply once per competition.
If multiples of 3 students are registered together, they will be put into teams of 3 in the same order as they were input.
If you register not as a team of 3, either send us a contact us with the 3 individuals to be in the same team (copy in all used parent/teacher email acounts for these 3 individuals), or we will group into teams of 3 in the order the registrations were received.

The round timing and details are shared on the student dashboard near to the competiton date, and so participants need to log-in maybe a few days beforehand to familiarise themselves with the set-up and the schedule.


  • Implementation - because it's one thing to know coding, and another to use coding to solve real-world problems
  • Resourcefulness - because some tasks come with obstacles that have to be overcome
  • Creativeness - because some problems require you to step out of the box
  • Individual - because we want to be challenged to be the best we can possibly be
  • Team - because we need others to help us achieve our dreams

Individual Rounds will be individually completed by each participant, while Team Rounds will be completed by teams ('existing friends' or with the same residence / nationality)

Each contest consists of 6 rounds, which are grouped into the above categories as follows:

Implementation Resourcefulness Creativeness
Individual Olympiad Decode Debug
Team Target Detective Optimise

Participants sometimes think deeply alone, work in teams, be inspired by speakers and develop using their imagination!
This unique platform also enables participants to network and build lasting friendships - usually the main highlight of their schooling years.

For a more detailed breakdown on how the competitions flow, please browse the other sections:

The most important prizes to be had are the intangibles ones gained from such an experience. On top of that all participants receive:

  • Transcript of relative attainment
  • Certificates for top ranking individuals across each contest series



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