WMC Experience

Because we all want to enjoy more success

The World Mathematics Championships®
are for schools to offer collaborative assessment-as-learning experiences for all their children anywhere in the world

Open to 9-18 year olds across FOUR LEVELS of competition:

Level Primary Secondary Junior Senior
Age 9-11 11-13 13-16 16-19
Number of Rounds 4 4 9 9
Duration Anytime across 1 week Anytime across 1 week Anytime across 1 month Anytime across 1 month

With a maximum of these 9 rounds:

Skills categories Challenge Collaboration Communication
Strategy Duel Lightning Innovation
Creativity Codebreaker Crypto Inspiration
Knowledge Confidence Pursuit Shuttle

The 6 skills categories are:

  • Challenge - because we want to be the best that we can be
  • Knowledge - because we need secure foundations to communicate, collaborate, challenge, strategise and create better!
  • Collaboration - because we all need others to help us achieve our dreams
  • Strategy - because visionary thinking leads to more profound success
  • Communication - because we need to be able to convince others that our beliefs are sound
  • Creativity - because we enjoy being humans instead of robots

Individuals focus on the Challenge rounds alone.

Collaboration teams and Communication teams are in a maximum of 3s.

Some rounds are subject specific skills and procedures - knowledge intensive.
Other rounds are focused towards planing and executing a
There are rounds that depend upon
creativity - developing new and imaginative ideas.

Each strategy, creative and knowledge skill category has at least one round that is engaged in alone, and within two different teams.


This Covid experience since late 2019 has changed many activities we do, and values we hold, in life. SEAMC, NEAMC and the WMC are no different.
We have embraced the challenge to keep providing the best experience possible. The exciting headlines are:

    • Each school campus enters a competiton for a flat fee of only SGD 900
    • Enter as many students as you like - why not make it a school Maths Enrichment Week?
    • You decide when to start (and finish) ALL NINE ROUNDS within a one month period.
      • So you choose which rounds to offer fully online (ideal for schools currently in home-based learning)
      • and which rounds to offer in a school hall (if you're fortunate enough to have a facility)
      • Maybe invite other participating schools to join you for some/all of the rounds (traditional SEAMC and NEAMC style)
    • You diseminate individual transcripts afterwards as you see best.

Leaderboards will show rankings from each schools best performing 15 students of each category.

Payment is made directly through the secure online gateway, Stripe. Requests for individual bank transfer invoices and/or other currencies will incure a 10% admin charge for this personalisation.

Once registered, more practise material is available.

Discover the 2021-22 calendar and schedule here

Students within the leaderboard are invited to the Finals of the World Mathematics Championships®. This is designed to be fun, collaborative and cultural experience for all.

The schedule throughout is very busy DOING MATHEMATICS, with a healthy mix of seriousness and laughter, geekiness and play, indoors and out!
Participants sometimes think deeply alone, work in teams, be inspired by speakers and create using their imagination!
This unique platform enables participants to network and build lasting friendships and life-long memories - usually the main highlight of their schooling years.

For a more detailed breakdown of specific aspects, please click these links:


If you would like to join our illustrious question writing team, please get in touch to discuss specifics!

Our progression
It all started through the South East Asian Mathematics Competition plus; SEAMC+ which was concieved at the turn of the milenium by Steve Warry, an enthusiastic teacher with the Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur and had a belief that Mathematics could be a 'spectator sport'. Tragically, he passed away the week prior to the competition, but it went ahead and Steve's dream became a reality. Due to popular demand, in February 2014 a parallel North... version of the same competition (NEAMC) became a reality within Nanjing International School, China. In June 2018, Trinity College hosted the inaugral Finals with the prestigeous University of Melbourne. In October 2018 we created Secondary level, and Primary level was concieved in February 2020 just as Covid was hitting.

We focus upon FOUR of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

  • 4 Quality Education
  • 5 Gender Equality
  • 10 Reduced Inequality
  • 12 Responsible consumption and production

We believe summative assessment should be a demonstration of depth-in-learning and be inclusive; not elitism nor speed at doing superficial algorithms of difficult subject content. For this reason, the World Mathematics Championships® group students who have been exposed to similar levels of mathematics.

Now with the proven capability of operating fully online throughout 2020-21, we hope the next few seasons will see us expand further around the world and influence significantly more children to enjoy their love for learning, through mathematics.



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